01 Perfect Sight No Vision

Perfect Sight No Vision is the first and one of the most powerful protest songs written by Greg Stewart which he has been playing and performing at open mics throughout New York City for the past five years.

Although Greg finished writing this song five years ago he actually began writing it when Regan was still in office and carried the music and uncompleted lyrics around in his head until George Bush unfortunately gave Greg plenty of material to finish the song.

This version of Perfect Sight No Vision was recorded by Greg’s band Join The Opposition for their first cd which has recently been released and is currently available on Amazon Music MP3 for downloads and will soon also be available on itunes.

In a symbolic gesture Greg Stewart dressed as a dead soldier and created the character the “Unknown Soldier” in order to Wake Up America and help focus attention on the War in Iraq and the criminality of the George Bush Presidency. As the Unknown Soldier Greg performed “Perfect Sight No Vision” on multiple occasions including in front of the Military Recruitment Center in Times Square New York City, The Stock Exchange, The Supreme Court in Washington DC and the White House. Greg has recorded video of his solo protest with director of photography Matt Dimakos and posted videos of his live perfomances on youtube channel “jointheoppsotiion”, where you can currently view over 180 videos by Greg.

Most recently the band has uploaded a music video of “Perfect Sight No Vision” which can be seen on youtube channel ‘jointheopposition’ and which is titled “Sarah Palin + John McCain = More of the Same.