I’ve seen the truth
I saw it on the tv, on the tv
Somebody discovered the truth
And they showed it on the tv
On the tv tonight
The camera, it just happened to be rolling
At that moment, at that moment
The camera shot the truth
And the camera don’t lie
It don’t lie to me

‘Cuz I’m just a guy
who likes to watch some tv in the evening
But all of a sudden the channel don’t change
The story’s the same
It’s so damn simple
I might as well be staring into space
While some rich guy keeps laughing in my face
I can’t find what I’m looking for
I can’t find what I’m looking for
That’s now what I’m looking for
What are you looking for?

Do you like watching colorful shapes
Float through the air like a video game
Do you like it when those same shapes
Shatter on the ground
And they don’t make a sound

Hey Mr. Commentator, Mr. Commentator
Tell me a story
I’ll regurgitate it later
Please don’t give too much information
That might just confuse me
And you don’t really want to confuse me
Do you
Then I might as too many questions
And you’d
Have to come up with an answer
That’s not
Necessarily written in your script
And you don’t want to seem like an dim wit
And anyway my opinion
Isn’t corporate