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What does a 21st Century protest song sound like?

Given the continuing political climate, we feel it is time for another protest song to be sung. Politically engaged music is not only consequential of nostalgia, but can be pertinent commentary on our contemporary world. invites artists, songwriters, and musicians to create, upload, listen, and debate new songs of protest as part of a growing audio archive of politically engaged music.

Another Protest Song is part of Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere’s continuing investigation of contemporary music, dissent, and public fora. The archive will be included in Creative Time’s Democracy in America: The National Campaign.

Nevarez and Tevere are the founders of neuroTransmitter, a collaboration that, since 2001, has fused conceptual practices with transmission, sound production, and mobile broadcast design. Specific interests lie in the examination of historical resistant moments associated with the medium of radio, the re-articulation of radio programming, and in considering new possibilities for the broadcast spectrum as discursive public space. Recent projects and solo exhibitions include: The FM Ferry Experiment, the Staten Island Ferry, NYC; WUNP, unitednationsplaza, Berlin, Germany & Mexico City, Mexico; Museo Raúl Anguiano, Guadalajara, Mexico; Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA. Nevarez and Tevere have shown their work, lectured, performed, and broadcasted internationally in public spaces, museums, and performance venues throughout the US, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Macedonia, France, and New Zealand.

Democracy in America / Creative Time:

Engaging the past eight years of cultural production, activism, and resistance in the U.S., Democracy in America: The National Campaign will investigate the historical roots and current manifestations of the American democratic tradition. The Democracy project aims to promote active participation and open discourse about ideas of governance by and for the people during the 2008 election season and beyond. A multifaceted project on a national scale, Democracy will engage a diverse community of artists, activists, thinkers, and citizens to create spaces for dialogue, exploration, and congregation.

After 33 years of New York–based projects, Democracy in America continues Creative Time’s national program, which was launched with Paul Chan’s Waiting for Godot in New Orleans in 2007. The Democracy project will include an array of artistic strategies, including commissioned projects around the country and a New York City Convergence Center, an exhibition and event space at the Park Avenue Armory in September.


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