Following a period of investigation along the entire U.S. / Mexico border, “Corrido al Dentista” was created to celebrate the Mexican dentists serving U.S. mouths along the border. The song is featured on the creative web documentary DENTIMUNDO.COM – the best online resource to learn about Mexican border dentistry practice. Get a directory of dentists on the border, listen and download the hot new corrido – ‘Corrido al Dentista’ and most importantly gather tips on how to be a savvy medical tourist in Mexico.

“Corrido al Dentista” Lyrics by Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga with Alejandro Espino Aldana; Music by Alejandro Espino Aldana; Recorded, mixed and mastered at: ESTUDIO AZUL; Alejandro Espino Aldana: guitar, bass guitar, vocals, patient; Benjamin Rivera Cruz, Mary-Ann Murnane: accordion; Giovanni Jesus Borquez Carvajal: drums