Dont Need No Democrat

I don’t need no Democrat
to make my world run right.
They say one thing at a press hearing
then sell away the light
all for the sake
of your American style prosperity.

I don’t need no Democrat
to make my world run well
gimme something I never did see
a clear conscience on the house
yea that corporate money,
real funny gonna bankrupt ya’.

I don’t need no Democrat
to wipe my ass thoroughly
how do they know what it’s like
they don’t look like you or me
And have they ever
endeavored to wipe their own?

I don’t need no democrat
to make my garden grow
I got all the tools I need
some chicken shit and a hoe.
But they want to lease me,
increase me auto-grow 2000.

I don’t need no Democrat
to give my globe a spin.
Ship it out to India then
shoot it back again.
What they saying they creating
I ain’t buying it.

I don’t need no Democrat
turn the tide around
It’s a tale of faries, it’s temporary
till the elephant’s back in town.
Then he stomps all over you
and the donkey steps aside saying
“What can I do?”

I don’t need no Democrat
for my commander in chief.
Why don’t I just put a smile
on the two-head hungry beast?
Ain’t nothing different
he’ll still eat you while
you’re sleeping. So wake up!

But I ain’t against no democrats
not any kind or creed.
I only hate the ones that say
red or blue is the only scene.
What is this football
or mother-fucking government?!

So give me libertarian
independant or green
even Democrat or Republican
I’ll vote for who I please.
Just one little piece of criteria.
Every time I see it makes me learier.
I’ll throw my chips on the one who isn’t
Bought and sold.



01-Fascist Dictator

Some people suck up the right
and spit out wrong
all along this sacred land.
And there are some who are evil,
and some who do bad
but are good they just
don\’t understand.
And this is for you:

Chorus: Fascist dictator, you\’ll find out sooner or later
that you voted for a
Nazi fascist dictator.

Don\’t be fooled, he ain\’t no cool dude
the bright future he talks about
it don\’t include me or you.
He ain\’t your friend, you\’ll find out when you find the freedom he wants
is the freedom to brainwash
your children.


And how can he be, man
any kind of Christian
you know that Jesus the Christ
himself would condemn him for sure.
For the lies upon lies
and disguising his ties.
A rich man\’s money in heaven will
all turn to dirt.


But ain\’t no fear
of death over here
but I fear for the scared ones
when the going gets worser.
What would they claim
or sign with their name
when faced with the threat
of a death by slow,
slow torture?


You signed on the line and
you gave him the time.
You read in the news
now the Muslims are Jews.

But I guarantee you
he\’ll get his dues
all criminals will
no matter how white their collar.
Better think of something
or \’bout how you\’ll be jumpin\’
off his silver ship
when we all learned it\’s
made with slave dollars.


And what awaits at the end
you\’ll find my friend
and when you do maybe then
we can talk.
For what\’s the point of listin\’
if you\’re not gonna listen
oh this man has a plan
and he\’s keeping it hid from
the flock.
Yes, fascist dictator
just like any other
the end will justify the means
no matter the horror.
But he don\’t see nothing
he only takes orders
and then he lies, lies, lies
but that\’s all part of being a…


Yea the talk on the street
everybody you meet
they\’re off of their seats
yea they wanna IMPEACH
and you voted for the
nazi fascist dictator.
But ain\’t no on in the senate
got the balls to begin it
they\’re all a bunch of plastic-ass phoney american cheese heads.
And they voted for the nazi fascist dictator.
Yea they got velveeta brains and soda pop veins
and hamburger hearts now they\’re spreadin\’ to mars
where they\’re gonna make little Nazi fascist dictators.
You never looked at the past
now it\’s coming on fast
you\’re gonna have to choose
are you playing to loose?!
Cause you voted for a nazi fascist racist, classist globalist