10-George Bush is the Anti-Christ

Gather around people
of consequence.
I’ll tell you a story
of some despotic kings.
Yes mankind has made
much of these things
over and over again.
But none of them take
the proverbial cake
like George Bush the Anti-Christ.

Nero of Rome the first century
he murdered his mother
a scoundrel indeed.
He burned down Rome
over some six days
then savagely killed many
young Christians for blame.
Most agree that he did it
some still say he didn’t know
like Greorge Bush the Anti-Christ.
He must’ve been to busy
reading “MY Pet Goat”
like George Bush the Anti-Christ.

We turn now to Hitler,
Adolph the fuhrer.
Many many Jews did he murder.
But did you know before that
he pulled this old trick
he burned down the Reichstag
and blamed it on the communists.
Most agree it was a plot
some still say it was not
like George Bush the Anti-Christ.
But those dictator powers
he sure got a lot
like George Bush the Anti-Christ.

George Bush is the Anti-Christ
George Bush is the Anti-Christ
George Bush is the Anti-Christ
George Bush is the Anti-Christ

And I’ll tell you why
I’m not laughing at this guy.
They’re forming your future.

Indefinite detention,
military tribunals,
mother against son?!

Leaving no stone unturned
no bridge unburned
and divided we fall.

All topics exploited
anyone is a pawn,
don’t be a force of evil.

Your either with or against
and if your against you’re a terrorist.
Again George Bush is the Anti-Christ.

Now we know what they’ve done
And they’re just having fun.
Do you think they’ll get tried?

And oh just you wait
it aint over in 08
Because George Bush is the Anti-Christ.



01-Fascist Dictator

Some people suck up the right
and spit out wrong
all along this sacred land.
And there are some who are evil,
and some who do bad
but are good they just
don\’t understand.
And this is for you:

Chorus: Fascist dictator, you\’ll find out sooner or later
that you voted for a
Nazi fascist dictator.

Don\’t be fooled, he ain\’t no cool dude
the bright future he talks about
it don\’t include me or you.
He ain\’t your friend, you\’ll find out when you find the freedom he wants
is the freedom to brainwash
your children.


And how can he be, man
any kind of Christian
you know that Jesus the Christ
himself would condemn him for sure.
For the lies upon lies
and disguising his ties.
A rich man\’s money in heaven will
all turn to dirt.


But ain\’t no fear
of death over here
but I fear for the scared ones
when the going gets worser.
What would they claim
or sign with their name
when faced with the threat
of a death by slow,
slow torture?


You signed on the line and
you gave him the time.
You read in the news
now the Muslims are Jews.

But I guarantee you
he\’ll get his dues
all criminals will
no matter how white their collar.
Better think of something
or \’bout how you\’ll be jumpin\’
off his silver ship
when we all learned it\’s
made with slave dollars.


And what awaits at the end
you\’ll find my friend
and when you do maybe then
we can talk.
For what\’s the point of listin\’
if you\’re not gonna listen
oh this man has a plan
and he\’s keeping it hid from
the flock.
Yes, fascist dictator
just like any other
the end will justify the means
no matter the horror.
But he don\’t see nothing
he only takes orders
and then he lies, lies, lies
but that\’s all part of being a…


Yea the talk on the street
everybody you meet
they\’re off of their seats
yea they wanna IMPEACH
and you voted for the
nazi fascist dictator.
But ain\’t no on in the senate
got the balls to begin it
they\’re all a bunch of plastic-ass phoney american cheese heads.
And they voted for the nazi fascist dictator.
Yea they got velveeta brains and soda pop veins
and hamburger hearts now they\’re spreadin\’ to mars
where they\’re gonna make little Nazi fascist dictators.
You never looked at the past
now it\’s coming on fast
you\’re gonna have to choose
are you playing to loose?!
Cause you voted for a nazi fascist racist, classist globalist