There’s no peace in war
no truth in lies.
And oh the good shepherd
don’t wear a disguise.
There’s no freedom in arms
no good comes from evil.
But that’s no what they’ll
have you think, though.

The value of you is
in the deeds you do.
Your worth should be
more than your money.
Change don’t come
from nothing,
and good don’t from dumbing.
So why are there things
they can’t tell us?

The kingdom of heaven
is a woman, her name,
Mother Earth,
quenching in full
a man’s ravenous thirst.
The heavens will settle
and she’ll help us feel good.
If and when
we’re good to her.

There’s no happy little slaves
we’re all created equal.
So get off your high horse
‘fore it topples.
I know it’s not me
I’d always share my blessings
and two-fold when
love is hard to find.

Let it out, let it out.
The people who care, oh
they should beware.
And, oh, they don’t see
they only worry.
You are as you as can be.

A song always lifts
no greed ever gives.
So to what are we giving
them power.
There’s no love in fear,
no right in might.
So you know
the good shepherd don’t
wear a disguise.