Usurpation Demonstration
half the nation ill-integrated
and inflation a con’s creation
making fares for nonsense-craving
light-less foes with
rightful roads and
revolution a real solution.

Nothing is no consolation
no real attraction
could be distraction.
Comfortable’s a front
for full of shit
the road of yellow-brick
is slathered sludge some feel the nudge one out of ten
I’ll say it again.

Criminally subliminal
you build a soul
to break the mold
a hand-over’s a hand to hold
speaking with a
cross-hair pen.
Strangers spy, salvation stalls
a miracle the sky don’t fall.

Lackadaisical smacks of slavery
sends you off
to suck your cells.
The brightness blinds
you pay your mind
to freeway stops
that toll the road.
They stick inside
your private ride
co-operation is desperation.

Warrior Utopians
speaking with a cross-hair pen.
Sword of truth slicing skin.
Simple thoughts for simple men.

You sacrifice you roll the dice
the worlds still here
yea, thinking twice
but double-speak a tool
for weak and mindful fools
with money-seeking
masters of you day and plan
and once you go
you’re back again.

Despise the lies and
stay outside.
Strong and true you’ll
never hide.
Wanting kills and wanting shrugs the shoulders of a movements men.
Zeitgeist chimes
a note sublime
if not opposition,
when is the time?

Worldly is as worldly does
fate waits then it’s too late.
Lynchings mob on Bush’s nod
whilst moderates mediate
the false prophet
a false debate
you wait for what,
a charity plate?!

Warrior Utopians
speaking with a cross-hair pen.
Sword of truth slicing skin.
Simple thoughts for simple men.
Sends you off to paradise
a sword in hand a man up high.
Chime the bell now tell it
love is revolution.




There isn’t a song
that hasn’t been sung.
There are no new words
in any old tongue
that haven’t been uttered, save the one
of world unity
from sea to shining sea.
There isn’t a world
in ever-loving space
that isn’t on edge
that doesn’t a-wait
for that shiny blue jewel
in the white milky way
to rise from the dust
and finally say:

We are the ones,
we are the ones,
we are the ones
we’ve been waiting for. (repeat)

Don’t look in back, no,
stand your ground.
The green light has
surely already been found.
Ain’t no one deprived,
so don’t be depraved.
The time to arrive
was yesterday
and it’s really very true,
hear me when I say
for the glory evolution
it’s never too late,
though the story is old
it’s relevant see
that the answer to deaths riddle is to be.


And brother the future
is what you make of the past.
There is no other time
sister to shine shine shine.
Ooh like the rising moon,
or a flower that blooms.
We’re hatching an egg
let’s make it today.